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A Jewel Made in Greece

23 April - 4 June 2016

New Ashgate Gallery

This  jewellery showcase presents the work of   fifteen acclaimed contemporary Greek makers. The exhibition highlights the creative dialogue between the culture and the history of Greek jewellery. The collection is influenced by ancient Greek adornments; from Mycenaean masks, Byzantine silver wedding crowns to Macedonian burial wreaths, each has been re-imagined as a rich source of inspiration.

The exhibition showcase present work by Apostolos Kleitsiotis, Eleni Orfanou, Michael Pelamidis, Polina Sapouna-Ellis, Elen Zolia, Margarita Chrissaki, Eleni Daskalaki, Mary Samoli, Christina Soubli, Tina Karageorgi, Vaso Kaloudioti, Dolly Boucouyiannis, Vally Kontidis, Sarina Beza, Tatiana Choremi and Xenia Nefelly Vlachou.

The exhibition is curated by Loucia Manopoulou and is organised in partnership with A Jewel Made in Greece (AJMIG).

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