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Contemporary Narratives: School of Craft & Design Student Project

16 August  - 3 December  2016

Crafts Study Centre

Presenting work created as a response to the Crafts Study Centre’s modern craft collections.
Contemporary Narratives links twelve MA and MRes University for the Creative Arts students.  It explores the Crafts Study Centre’s abundant collections, from a different viewpoint.
Authentic  and engaging, the exhibition challenges the perception of 20th-century British crafts and highlights the excitement of the unlimited and sometimes unexpected interpretation of creative practices.
The students have drawn on the insights provided by a variety  of disciplines alongside that of history - skill, maker’s life, materials and techniques – to deliver an exceptional  new body of work.
This work -  a product of observation, research, and visual analysis - is  harmoniously juxtaposed with the original objects, which are displayed throughout  the Crafts Study Centre.
Contemporary Narratives honours modern  British crafts and celebrates timeless creativity.

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