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Leach Pottery: The Sound of It

3 January - 9 December 2017

Crafts Study Centre, Farnham

This exhibition explores and appreciates the Bernard Leach legacy and the Leach Pottery workshop in St Ives.


The showcase features Leach’s work and the Standard Ware from the Crafts Study Centre collection, alongside a group of current production Standard Ware from the Leach Pottery. A display of his sketches, books, and other documents and letters, as well as a film of Leach in his private workspace highlight a more personal side of Leach. He wanted his pots to have ‘vitality, to follow the rhythm of the essence of energy and life’.


A juxtaposition of then and now emphasises that the Leach Pottery workshop, a hub of creativity, was and still is a place to learn, to master pottery techniques as well as acquire the appropriate knowledge of setting up and running a creative business.

The showcase is further enriched with photographs of the old pottery alongside the contemporary and an interactive display with tools, brushes and sample glazes, and an interactive audio display.


The exhibition is a collaboration between the Crafts Study Centre and the Leach Pottery St. Ives, and is curated by Loucia Manopoulou in partial fulfilment for the requirements of her MRes Crafts course.

Interactive display

You must approach art through the senses by learning the steps towards producing it.

                                                                              Leach, 1975:34

Brief segments of sounds of the current working environment, samples of glazed pots as well as a display of photographs of the production studio featuring then and now, are highlighting a normal sequence of work at the Leach Pottery. A display to incorporate hearing, sight and touch.

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