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Maker's Tale

May 2020 Virtual Exhibition 

Wiltshire Creative

Makers’ Tale   is a research collaborative project between UCA and Salisbury Arts Centre in association with Salisbury Cathedral. The curatorial intention is to highlight the persistence of craft knowledge as well as innovation and experimentation within the context of modern creative practice and investigates co-operation and disciplinary crossovers.

In the face of the global pandemic, the delivery of the physical exhibition is postponed, however, Makers’ Tale will be delivered in a virtual format, in May 2020, and will be part of a Salisbury 2020 city on the move digital celebrations.  This move to a digital adaptation of the initial program, allows a triple theme of movement in ideas, movement in engineering/technology and physical movement.

Click to listen a short extract from a first recording of Plangency.

Plangencywork-in-progress.  Cellist Anna Menzies brings Dr Harry Whalley's and Aimee-Sofia Brown's intriguing new composition to life. 

Plangency - Work in ProgressCellist Anna Menzies, Composers Dr Harry Whalley and Aimee-Sofia Brown
00:00 / 02:23
Click on the film below to watch Curators Mirka Golden-Hann and Loucia Manopoulou in conversation with the artists Hermione Thomson, Peta Jacobs, Manuela Kagerbauer, Michelle Shields and Cara Wassenberg, composer Dr Harry Whalley and Salisbury Cathedral representative Canon Robert Titley
Click to read the Exhibition Catalogue
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