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Little Indigo Museum, Miyama, Kyoto, Japan. November 2019

‘Indigo has a universal appeal and a history of being used in textiles as a mystical colour’ says Hiroyuki Shindo indigo artist and founder of the Little Indigo Museum.

Hiroyuki Shindo practice brings new life into this ancient craft, using venerable techniques to produce his fascinating contemporary indigo work.

The museum is located at the prefecture of Kyoto, in the hills, in the remote village Miyama, which is mostly known for its traditional thatched roof buildings. The museum established by Hiroyuki Shindo in 2005, in a 200 years old farmhouse, includes his workshop as well as the gallery area.

On the ground floor is the hub of action itself — the workshop, his indigo dyeing studio. As you walk in the room you step around the blue-black vats integrated into the floor, fabric pressers and walk under drying pieces hanging from the ceiling, while the smell of fermenting indigo leaves wafts around. This space is more than a simple workshop, it is the home for the living tradition of Hiroyuki Shindo’s craft.

On the top floor is a display of his collection of indigo textiles from around the world, as well as his larger work and installations.

Hiroyuki Shindo was very excited to share the good news with us that his son and family have moved back to Miyama from the city and he is now working in the studio.

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