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Sounds of Making 
Farnham Potteries
July-August 2018 

An interactive display to complement Cara Wassenberg's (MA glass and UCA Artis in Residence) at the Farnham Pottery, inspired by Bernard Leach's quotation “you must approach art through the senses by learning the steps towards producing it“ (1975).


Cara commented on the display at her social media page saying that "The sounds of making by Loucia Manopoulou from my exhibition Friction and Gravity at Farnham Potteries,  June 2018. Having a little review of 2018 and in the busyness of this exhibition this is one lovely exploration that was never given the reflection it deserved. Loucia  @louciamanopoulourecorded the sounds of my making and this interactive board helped everyone to stop, listen, explore and enjoy those delicious everyday making sounds that can be taken for granted. Keep listening for the water quench... it’s the best bit”. 

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