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4 Simple Reasons why Art and Craft Galleries are important.

By Loucia Manopoulou, Craft Curator, Writer, Researcher. 13 February 2020.

Art and craft galleries undoubtedly, have a special place in today’s society. Art and crafts galleries offer an open space where visitors can view and appreciate art and craft and explore ways of thinking and making.  

Creative activity is a form of communication. Visual arts, such as a drawing or a ceramic vessel offer ann alternative in understanding reality. Visual arts also serves as tools to get to know each other and to look to the future.

Arts and crafts galleries contribute immensely to society economically as well as through culture appreciation, education, and inspiring others. 


Art and craft galleries can showcase the history or the future of a particular culture in a visual manner.  Visual representation of history provides a snapshot of everyday life at a particular period of time through the artwork.  As an example, the artwork may provide information or speculate about the lifestyle of people in a particular time period and help to develop an understanding of the social and political climate at the time the artwork was made.  However, artwork is more than just a practice – it shows a way of life. The art object demonstrates more than just skill – it demonstrates passion. Each art objects tells a story.


Art and craft galleries educate children, youth, and adults alike. The exhibitions and activities make you think and create awareness of current ideas and matters, as well as develop understanding about complex issues. The educational and interactive activities might also inspire you to make your own. This is why creativity is a form of intelligence – it is a special ability that unlocks the potential of the human mind. In fact, studies have shown that exposure to art and crafts can make you better in other fields of knowledge too.

Many galleries offer tours, artists talks and art and craft classes to the general public.  These classes work to educate a new generation of art and crafts appreciators and artists alike.


Galleries recognize talent and creativity showing work by both emerging and established artists. In turn, the visitors are introduced to different perspectives and ways of thinking.

A strong belief that cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue is an asset, is an added value and an opportunity for societies in general. Galleries are spaces for deepening the understanding of different cultures and providing room for participative and creative encounters. They play a pivotal role in connecting people and in building a more cohesive and open society.


Art and Craft galleries act as cultural destinations within a city and attract art and crafts advocates and tourists to both the art galleries and the city as a tourist destination.  As an added side effect, attracting tourists to these art galleries, may boost the local economy.  Visitors usually dine at local restaurants, attend live shows, and use local accommodation facilities,. 

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